What’s in Your Water? Should You Be Testing?

Each person values their waterbody for a different reason. They may simply want a beautiful water feature, a healthy fish pond, or a clean swimming hole. No matter why you care about the water, it is important to measure the water quality in order to understand, improve, and preserve your waterbody.

Water Quality Services

General Water Features:

When you want your waterbody to look good, there are certain water quality parameters that influence the appearance of your water. Nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrates, determine how much algae can grow on the surface. Turbidity and Transparency measure the cloudiness of the water. Volatile Organic Compounds and Sulfides measure the things that create foul odors.

Fish Ponds:

Plenty of food, structure, and oxygen are important to creating a healthy fish pond. Nutrient levels play an important role at the base of the food chain. Nutrients are also important for fueling plant growth that will provide cover and habitat for the fishes. Dissolved oxygen is vital to ensuring healthy fish populations, especially during the warmest summer months.

Swimming Holes:

On the hottest days of summer, you want to be able to jump into cool water without worrying about whether or not the water is safe. Even the clearest water can have microscopic bacteria and harmful chemicals that pose a threat to swimmers.

LakePro Water Quality Testing:

We provide water quality tests that measure these parameters, identify problems, and determine the safety of the water. Our Standard Analysis includes the most common parameters to determine your water quality. We can also tailor a testing suite to your exact needs. Please contact us today to discuss testing your water. “People protect what they love.” —Jacques Yves Cousteau

Water Quality Services

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