Maintain The Water Quality of Your Lake, Pond or Waterbody

“Water quality” has different meanings for every riparian depending on their expectations. LakePro has testing programs that help define and quantify water quality. Testing your water also helps identify areas to improve the cleanliness and quality of your lake, pond or other waterbody.

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Standard Analysis

Standard Analysis

Our Standard Analysis includes some of the most common parameters in lake management. We compare your results to EPA Water Quality Standards to determine the water quality. We examine the relationship between parameters and compare historical data. These analyses give us clues about how your water quality is changing.

To complete our Standard Analysis, a crew will visit your waterbody to collect water samples and perform field tests. We preserve the water samples and our biologist tests them at our laboratory. Within 7 days of testing, you will receive a written report with all the results. The report also contains a complete discussion about your water quality, including areas of concern, trends, and ways to improve.

Our Standard Analysis includes Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphates, Nitrates, Transparency, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Conductivity, Alkalinity, and Salinity. We will also include one E. coli test if requested. The cost for our Standard Analysis starts at $250 per test site.

Customized Analysis

Each person values their waterbody for a different reason. They may want a beautiful water feature, a healthy fish pond, or a clean swimming hole. Depending on your expectations, there are various water quality parameters that you should check. Our laboratory has state of the art equipment that can test for hundreds of parameters. We can recommend and carry out tests that meet your specific testing requirements.

We can tailor a testing program to your specific needs, including:

  • Multiple test sites
  • Multiple testing events throughout the summer
  • E. coli testing
  • Testing for pollutants from storm water runoff
  • Detection of heavy metals in the water
  • Hundreds of additional parameters
  • Sediment analysis

Lake Management Testing Packages

Lake management testing packages

LakePro also provides water quality tests for lakes. We generally test them twice per year. The first test is in early April, during spring turn over. The second test is in August. This test examines the lake when water temperatures are the highest, dissolved oxygen is lowest, and the lake is stratified.

For lakes, we include all the parameters of Standard Analysis, Total Phosphorus, Chlorophyll, Sulfate, Fluoride, and Chloride. We also test Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and Salinity as depth profiles. That means we measure these parameters throughout the water column.

To conduct a whole-lake herbicide treatment, the EGLE Lake Management Plan requires specific testing. LakePro offers a competitive price for all the required tests to make your lake management planning easier. Please contact us today to discuss your lake management testing and to get a quote.

Customer Service

Easy to read reports and data

You can go to any laboratory and have your water tested, but you’ll end up with a paper with just numbers and abbreviations on it. You’re left to research the meaning of the cryptic results.

When you hire LakePro, you’re hiring an expert in water quality, not just another laboratory. We perform all the work starting from the sample collection to delivery of the report.

Like all laboratories, we provide you with the numerical results from testing your water. Unlike everyone else, our reports are easy to read and understand. We show your results next to the target values. Our discussion covers every parameter using language that everyone can understand.

Click here to read a sample report: LakePro Water Quality Report (pdf)