The LakePro Truxor The Multi-Functional Amphibious Machine

The new LakePro Truxor brings a variety of solutions to aquatic management. The Truxor is a unique new technology that is strong and flexible. This allows it to provide superb management to any waterway or wetland habitat.

With collapsible side sections and supplemented strainer plates these rake attachments can collect waste, algae, weeds, and absorbents thought out any waterbody. If material collecting is what your waterbody needs, these highly effective attachments can get the job done whether the water is shallow or deep.

New Machine with New Possibilities

This amphibious machine has different attachments that make it the most versatile tool on the water. With quick-disconnect attachments, the Truxor can easily convert between harvesting, cutting, raking, gathering, and trash collecting. The amphibious track/paddle design allows the Truxor to get to areas where traditional boats and harvesters can’t. The lightweight construction and great mobility allows for easy transportation and operation in confined spaces. The Truxor is also equipped with environment friendly biodegradable oil.

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