Successful lake management can be a tough job. The list of tasks is daunting: research, budget management, collecting bids, garnering participation, and more.

LakePro provides a variety of services and programs to help you at any stage of lake management. Our goal is to help you move from problem to solution efficiently and with confidence.

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Lake Management Services

Lake Management Plans

The first step toward managing your lake is to plan. LakePro will develop a Lake Management Plan for your waterbody. Your LMP is completely customized to describe the lake, identify problems with water quality, and present viable solutions. The LMP serves as the “playbook” for coordinating all your lake management efforts. The methods, results, and costs of all services are recorded in your LMP, which we update annually as conditions, goals, and budgets change.

LakePro also completes MDEQ Lake Management Plans for whole-lake Fluridone treatments to control Eurasian Watermilfoil.

EcoSound Mapping

You can now see your lake like never before. Using the latest technology in sonar and the EcoSound software, LakePro is now able to map your lake for depth contours, plant biomass, and bottom hardness.

We will tour your lake to collect data with our sonar chartplotter. We then use an advanced acoustic algorithm to process the data into a full custom report and three maps of your lake.

Your report includes water volume, plant biomass, and other management tools. You can use this report to learn about your lake, document progress, and help plan future management methods.

Budget Planning

“How much does it cost?” is one of the most important questions in lake management. You might be considering lake management but have no idea of the costs involved. This can make it difficult to gather participation and support from your neighbors.

LakePro will work with you to determine the problems and your goals. We will then present possible solutions and cost estimates to achieve your lake management goals. This information will allow you to present difficult solutions and cost levels to your neighbors.

Bid Solicitation

Once you have participation and funds, it’s time to hire contractors for the work. LakePro will help you collect bids for your lake management activities. We work with you to determine the services and price structure most appropriate for your management. Then, we compose a legal Request for Proposals (RFP) and send it to licensed companies that provide those services. If requested, we also help analyze the bids, contact references, and interview bidders.

Administrative Support & Meeting Presentations

LakePro can help you with your administrative needs associated with lake management. This includes record keeping, accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, and contractor supervision.

The MDEQ now requires written permission from all bottomland owners for their permits. LakePro will help you identify bottomland ownership and gather permissions. We can also help you with other bottomland authority, such as a SAD or Lake Board.

LakePro will also attend meetings to help you present your lake management activities. We often attend meetings with lake boards, SADs, associations, and individuals to explain the lake management plan and answer questions. Our goal is to facilitate informed decision making.

Environmental Consulting

Wetland Evaluation

wetlandsWetlands are a vital ecological, economic, and social component of our world. LakePro will help you identify any wetlands or conservation easements near your site. We can also determine if there are invasive species that need to be controlled, erosion potential, contamination, or any other areas for improving the wetlands.

Fish Studies

A healthy and balanced fishery is an important part of every waterbody. LakePro will provide a survey for your waterbody to determine the species, approximate populations, and size ranges of the fishes. The results of this survey will help direct future lake management activities and any needs for fish stocking.

Algae Identification & Toxin Analysis

Cyano BloomAlgae is necessary to the aquatic ecosystem, but with elevated nutrient levels the algae can quickly become a nuisance. But, nuisance algae growth can be more than just an eyesore — there are harmful types of algae that release toxins into the water. LakePro can help you obtain algae identification from a certified and independent laboratory. If the laboratory identifies the algae as a toxin producer, they will also test the water for those toxins. This information will support any precautionary actions taken to prevent contact with the water. Download Example Algae Identification & Toxin Analysis

Sediment Analysis

Sediment AnalysisIn lake management, identifying the cause of the problem can be just as important as curing the problem itself. Nutrient accumulation in the bottom sediment of your waterbody can be the cause of your nuisance plant growth. LakePro can sample and test your bottom sediments to determine the nutrient levels and organic content. There are also tests available for pollutants and heavy metals.