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Vertex Aquatic Solutions

LakePro is now a certified Vertex dealer. We offer full service for Vertex products including installation and support.

Additional services

LakePro also partners with Water Landscapes to offer new fountains, bubblers, and diffusers from several leading manufacturers including AquaMaster, Kasco, Otterbine, Scotts, and many more. We provide many sizes and spray patterns to fit your exact needs. We also offer complete maintenance, repair, and winter storage services to extend the life of your aeration system.

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Aeration Benefits

Increase dissolved oxygen

In the heat of summer, oxygen levels in your pond usually drop. Aeration is one tool that helps ensure there is sufficient oxygen in your water all summer. Increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water helps prevent stress on your fish and other aquatic organisms.

Add circulation

add circulationBacteria, algae, and nuisance plants thrive in stagnant water. An aeration system keeps the water moving to prevent these organisms from blooming. Water circulation helps mix the water, creating uniform temperatures and dissolved oxygen throughout the waterbody.

Promote a healthy fishery

PerchA major benefit of aeration is healthy fisheries. Aeration systems add dissolved oxygen which is essential for keeping fish alive and thriving. A healthy fish population in your water is a major factor in maintaining the balance of the aquatic ecosystem.

Improve overall water quality

“Water quality” covers a wide range of topics. Aeration systems add dissolved oxygen to the water. This helps to stabilize a healthy pH and lower nutrient levels. Increased circulation slows the growth of harmful bacteria and toxin-producing algae. In many ways, an aeration system improves water quality.

Increase organic decomposition

After an herbicide treatment, the dead plants and algae must decompose. Aeration systems add oxygen that aids the chemical breakdown of decaying organics. Dissolved oxygen, especially at the bottom, fuel bacteria, fungi, and insects that carry out decomposition. Speeding up the decay of organic material improves water clarity, reduces foul odors, and eliminates muck.

Prevent winter fish kills

Ice seals off the water-air interface, limiting the amount of oxygen available to fish throughout the winter season. Running your aeration system in the fall ensures the pond is saturated with oxygen before the water freezes over. Keeping the system on during the winter maintains healthy oxygen concentrations, but results in thinner ice that may not be safe to walk on.

Reduce phosphorus levels

When there is no oxygen at the bottom of your waterbody, phosphorus can leach from the sediment and into the water. Elevated phosphorus quickly contributes to severe algae blooms. Aeration systems add the oxygen and circulation that ensures the bottom layer of water is oxygenated. This helps keep phosphorus in the sediment and out of the water column.

Decrease the severity of algae blooms

decrease algae bloomsAeration systems keep the nutrients low, promote decomposition, and increase water circulation. These features provide the most important benefit of decreasing algae bloom frequency and severity. With less algae, the aquatic ecosystem stays in balance and can even result in lower use of herbicides.