Aquatic Links

We figured since you were on our website, that perhaps we could provide you with some handy internet references regarding the world of aquatics. Review our compiled list of website links that may interest you. View Aquatic Links

Lake Boards and SAD (Special Assessment Districts)

Michigan has thousands of inland lakes. For over 40 years, Michigan’s lake board law has been used to implement lake improvement projects. We have compiled an overview of lake board procedures and commonly asked questions regarding lake boards. View Lake Boards and SAD

Map Resources

Many resources exist across the internet that can help aid in mapping waterbodies. Review LakePro’s complied list of mapping links that will assist your research. View Map Resources

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association Webinar

The Michigan Lakes and Streams Association 2020 Spring Webinar Series is full of fantastic information that is useful for any riparian. This year they have uploaded recordings of their series to their YouTube Channel. View Webinar Series…

Pond & Lake Calculators

Knowing the size of your lake or pond will help you go a long way towards finding specific biological and chemical solutions to your weed and pest control needs. View Pond & Lake Calculators