Facts and Details

The articles listed in this section provide insight into some of the less common areas of aquatics. From lawn fertilizers to winter fish kills, these articles will help you learn more about your waterbody. View Facts and Details

Identify Your Aquatic Plant

Not sure what is in your waterbody? Use this guide to easily identify what is in your pond and to find out how to control the aquatic weed! Identify Your Aquatic Plant

Labels and Safety Data

Find all of the labels and MSDSs for the products that we apply to your waterbody. These documents will help show you where the water use restrictions come from and include important safety data for the event of accidental exposure. View Labels and Safety Data

Permit Information

If you’re interested in learning more about the EGLE permit process, this area will help you understand the application, requirements, and conditions related to the EGLE permit. View Permit Information

Posting Signs

Did you find a yellow sign in your backyard? That means we did a treatment! Use this tool to help understand the information on the sign, the EGLE posting requirements, and to find FAQs specific to the posting sign. View Signs


These tools help you learn more about aquatic pest control and include mapping resources to find out more about your waterbody. View Tools